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    Luke Hamilton

    Marcus, I’m honestly blown away at the performance of Werewolfbrew. Admittedly the delivery took slightly longer than expected, however it was handled superbly, your customer service was first class! The product tastes great and it’s quality is very obvious, after only a week of use my strength and intensity has noticeably increased and post-lockdown gainz are emerging as a result. My next purchase will either be chocolate or blueberry whey, and 10/10 will buy this again. I would write more but my post workout steak needs eating! Sending good wishes for all your quest for glory and all future endeavours!

    Martin (verified owner)

    Richie Eerhart Already wrote exactly what i was about to write down.
    To keep it short:
    GREAT Taste! No, seriusly it tastes amazing.
    I drink lots of coffee, but even for me it makes me crave heavy weights and it dosent just give a temporary high for a few lifts but kept me going through the whole hour feeling strong.
    Very easy to mix, i just shook it in a normal bottle.
    Amazing product to a low price.
    Shipping was surprisingly fast, and i managed to write my adress wrong, which Markus handeled superbly and fast.
    I will never buy any PWO other than this

    Anton (verified owner)

    Easily the best-tasting and most effective PWO I’ve used and it mixes perfectly.

    However, I’m not giving 5 stars simply because the content in the bag was not a powder, but rather a lump that I had to crush.

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