Collagen 400g

For a strong body and beautiful skin

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein. A third of the body’s protein is located in the skin, bones and tendons and consists of collagen. Collagen can be taken to enhance both one’s overall health and skin. This is why collagen can be seen both as a beauty and health supplement.

Hard training, stress, sun exposure and other factors may deplete collagen, thus it can be a good idea to supplement with it.

Collagen can also be accessed via bone-broth (which is a staple in traditional diets across the world).

Jotunheim Kollagen also contains Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and magnesium-citrate to optimise recovery.

Please note: Collagen is not particularly tasty. Thus I recommend drinking it together with a scoop of EAA or a scoop of whey.

RDI per portion: ascorbic acid (vitamin c) – 100%. Magnesium citrate – 50% active.

Ingredients: hydrolyzed collagen (bovine), magnesium-citrate, ascorbic acid.


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